๐Ÿ“ˆ YourWay Storage choose Cactus to reach lofty 2024 goals

YourWay Storage partner with Cactus to provide clear financial insights to their asset investors and team.

April 3, 2024
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We are delighted to share some exhilarating news: Cactus is teaming up with YourWay Self Storage, a 3 year old newcomer in the self-storage industry with multiple facilities across the United States, including locations in Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, and Utah. This partnership marks a significant step forward for both companies as we join forces to elevate portfolio management, streamline underwriting processes, and offer real-time insights to investors.

A Personal Testimony: Leveraging Cactus for Success

Reflecting on this exciting partnership, YourWay Self Storage's CEO, Skyler Hartman shares their journey:

"In a mere 3 years, I've navigated through a failed marriage and two unsuccessful business relationships, contemplating a return to the W2 world. Instead, I opted for massive action in the self-storage realm. Today, I proudly own and manage multiple active facilities and juggle a handful of ground-up development projects. Thrilled to explore how Cactus can power our real-time decision-making, propelling our growth and business strategy to new heights!"

Cactus Integration with Hummingbird and Quickbooks: Unleashing Efficiency

YourWay Self Storage are embracing the full potential of our platform by integrating it with Hummingbird (Tenant Inc) property management solution and Quickbooks. This strategic move enhances efficiency, saving tons of hours building reports and communicating internally. Yet, Cactus investor relations tool streamlines operations, and ensures that real-time insights are seamlessly integrated into their existing workflows.

What Lies Ahead: Exciting Times for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth

This partnership with YourWay Self Storage is buzzing with excitement. Together, we're set to unlock new opportunities for YourWay and offer savvy data-driven choices that help path the direction the business needs for their ambitious goals.

Stay tuned for the incredible strides we'll make together as Cactus and YourWay Self Storage redefine the landscape of self-storage technology!


Tyler Sellars
CEOย - Cactus


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