🌴 Cactus Named Semi-Finalists at the Hawai'i UnConference!

Exciting news for the commercial real estate tech community!

May 30, 2024
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Cactus, a leading AI solution provider for commercial real estate brands, has been named a semi-finalist at the prestigious Self Storage Hawai'i unConference Pitch Contest. Known for simplifying complex underwriting decisions, investment performance, and debt reporting, Cactus is revolutionizing the way teams and investors grow and communicate in the fast-paced commercial real estate market.

"It's an honor to be named a Semi-Finalist for this distinguished "un"conference. We're excited for the opportunity to connect with elite advisors in a relaxed setting, exchange insights, and maybe even soak up some sun while sharing a laugh or two. This unique gathering is the perfect occasion for our team to come together and represent the innovative spirit driving our work."
- Tyler Sellars, CEO - Cactus

About the Competition

The Self Storage Hawai'i unConference Pitch Contest is a highly anticipated event in the industry, bringing together innovative minds and groundbreaking solutions. As semi-finalists, Cactus will participate in one-on-one sessions with a panel of esteemed mentors and advisors. This group of industry leaders includes:

These sessions are designed to provide Cactus with invaluable guidance and support, helping refine our pitches and enhance our offerings.

The Road to the Finals

In mid-July, three finalists will be selected to attend the Self Storage Hawai'i unConference, scheduled for October 21-25. The selection process will involve industry polling and feedback from the mentor and advisor group. A comprehensive questionnaire will be distributed across various channels, including LinkedIn, social media, the Self Storage Hawai'i unConference blog, and email lists, to gather insights from the self-storage industry.

A Unique Opportunity

Being named a finalist will offer Cactus a unique platform to network with conference attendees, present their final pitches, and be ranked among the top three innovations. This exposure will not only provide them with valuable customer insights but also help build crucial connections and refine their understanding of how their technology can best serve the self-storage and commercial real estate industries.

Cactus is thrilled to be a part of this journey and looks forward to showcasing their innovative solutions on such a significant stage. Stay tuned for more updates as Cactus progresses through this exciting competition!

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