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Commercial property valuator
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"Thrilled to embark on a new journey with Cactus. The tailored nature of Cactus aligns seamlessly with our business needs. We are excited for this cutting-edge platform to revolutionise financial reporting for our portfolio."

Lauren Ramsey Hartz


Jeff Wood
" With a background in Hedge Funds, I was disappointed in the technology offerings for Investor Reporting in the self-storage investment space.

Cactus is the software solution we have been hoping for to close that gap, and we could not be more excited to roll this out to our group. "

Jeffrey Wood

Owner - CEO

Safe Harbor Properties

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What to expect in the Free Commercial Property Valuation Calculator

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Purchase Price Analysis

Quickly analyse the deal with a unique depth that provides a purchase price plan based on your investment goals.

Cash Flow Report

Efficiently audit your deal considering incomes, expenses and debts - in order to provide a confident cash flow report.

Property Valuation

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Debt Plan

A special & comprehensive debt management platform allowing for educated restructuring plans that accommodate your debt objectives.

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